divorce & family Law

As a divorce lawyer, in addition to the profound professional knowledge that can be taken for granted, a great deal of psychological skill is also required. The original plan of a married couple was usually that not a court, but only death would end the union. In general, the following questions arise for the divorce lawyer:

  • Property law (division of assets or debts accrued during the marriage, especially real estate, taking into account any prenuptial agreements as well as the differentiation of "industrial vs. conjunctive" added value; gratuitous participation of the spouse in the partner's business, etc.);
  • Post-marital maintenance to the divorced spouse or, in particular, the marriage-related loss in terms of economic advancement;
  • Allocation of pension entitlements (AHV, BVG, FZA, third pillar);
  • best interests of the child (allocation of parental care; custody and visitation rights; maintenance);
  • Costs of the divorce proceedings (divorce attorney and court costs).

construction law

private construction law

  • Comprehensive advice and representation in connection with the construction of real estate (developers and contractors, craftsmen, architects, etc.)
  • Assessment of contracts and individual contract clauses
  • Accompaniment of construction projects
  • Enforcement of defect rights
  • Claims for fees from contractors and craftsmen
  • Disputes in application of SIA standards (e.g. SIA standard 118)
  • Registration of liens of building craftsmen
  • Preparation and examination of (bank) guarantees, sureties, etc.

Public building law

  • Advice and representation in building and other permit procedures
  • Appeals and complaints procedures
  • Support of the building owner in questions of building and planning law under public law
  • Assessment of nature, cultural heritage and monument protection issues
  • Environmental law
  • Neighborhood plan and development procedures
  • Expropriation law

contract law

We advise you on the drafting and redaction or negotiation and conclusion of contracts. Through their many years of experience, our attorneys have acquired in-depth knowledge of various sectors and industries, which is incorporated into our contract advice. We review existing contracts and support you in enforcing contractual claims in the event of contract termination or in defending against unjustified claims.

criminal defense law

We advise and represent accused persons, private plaintiffs, victims and aggrieved persons in police investigation proceedings, in investigation proceedings before the public prosecutor's office, in coercive measure proceedings (investigative and security detention) as well as in first instance main proceedings or in appeal proceedings. In addition, we advise and represent individuals in administrative proceedings before the administrative authorities (Road Traffic Office):

  • Advice and representation of individuals in the area of general criminal law, economic criminal law, road traffic law as well as juvenile criminal law
  • Drafting of criminal complaints and criminal applications, as well as enforcement of claims for damages and compensation
  • Advice and representation of companies in the area of general criminal law, commercial criminal law and corporate criminal law